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quick ibook update

Posted on 6 April, 2015  in linux, ppc

With the exception of the battery, which is now completely dead, everything else is working great.


Iceweasel (firefox) runs smoothly
VLC plays files with no lag or stuttering


I am having some trouble with pygame for python 3, I have yet to be able to get this working, It works fine in 2.7, which is ok, but all my code is in 3.


ibook re-birth

Posted on 31 March, 2015  in linux, ppc

I dug out my old ibook g4, which I have not used in years. It booted with no problems. It is not running mintppc linux and actually seems to be a usable machine. The battery says it has 2 hours of charge, which is not bad at all.


I followed these instructions with no problems.